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At Business Planning Advisors, we understand the critical role of accurate business valuations in the corporate world. Whether you're considering selling your business, seeking investment, financing, or planning for the future, a precise valuation is the key to making informed decisions. Based in Palm Beach, Florida, Business Planning Advisors is a leader in providing comprehensive business valuation services, combining expertise, experience, and in-depth market knowledge to deliver unparalleled value to our clients.

The primary factor in determining the price/value of a business is the Adjusted Net Incom,e which is calculated as follows:

Net Income on the Business Tax Return Plus Owners Salary, Depreciation, Amortization, Non-Recurring items, and Personal Expenses of the Owner.

The price is affected by the consistency, trend, the amount of sales and Adjusted Net Income, the industry of the business, working capital requirements, concentration of customers or vendors, how long the business has been in existence, reputation, product line, etc.

We work with about 1,000 agents and brokers in Florida. Each time a business is sold, the Sales Price, List Price, Sold Price, List Down Payment, Sold Down Payment, Adjusted Net Income, and Sold Assets are shown along with a description of the business are recorded. You can see what similar businesses have sold for.

Buyers are looking for what they will have after paying business expenses for their salary, return of capital, and or debt service. Debt service will be a factor in the buyer's determination; however, it does not change the price/value of a business.
Our goal is to get you the most for your business, but an overpriced business will not sell.

If you need or want more than the fair market value that a reasonable buyer would pay, we will work with you on a consulting basis to get the business to where you want it to be.

There is No Cost or Obligation to receive a Professional Business Valuation, and Everything is Confidential!

What is Business Valuation?

Business valuation is a complex process that involves determining the economic value of a business or business unit. It's an essential tool for business owners, buyers, investors, and during mergers and acquisitions. Understanding the true worth of a business is critical for strategic decision-making, ensuring that all parties involved in a transaction are informed and can negotiate from a position of strength. At Business Planning Advisors, we specialize in various valuation methods, including income, market, and asset-based approaches, tailoring our services to meet each client's unique needs.

Our Business Valuation Services

Our team at Business Planning Advisors offers a detailed suite of valuation services. We utilize a range of methods to suit different business types and objectives. The income approach looks at expected future cash flows, the market approach compares similar businesses in the industry, and the asset-based approach evaluates a company's total net asset value. With Richard A. Zarzecki's extensive background in business management, accounting (BBA Accounting), finance (MBA Finance), and over 30 years as a CPA, coupled with his hands-on experience in various business sectors, we ensure that your business is valued accurately and comprehensively, considering all pertinent market trends, financial analyses, and industry specifics.

Why Choose Business Planning Advisors for Business Valuations?

Choosing Business Planning Advisors means partnering with Richard A. Zarzecki, a professional with over three decades of diverse business experience. This includes running his own companies, extensive work in marketing, sales, account management, and significant roles in corporate settings, such as a Division Controller and Assistant Corporate Controller. His brokerage experience since February 2000, combined with a deep understanding of business dynamics, positions him uniquely to offer realistic and market-aligned business valuations. Our approach is not just about numbers; it's about understanding the story behind your business and translating it into a valuation that reflects its true potential.

The Business Valuation Process

Our business valuation process is meticulous and transparent. It begins with an initial consultation where we understand your specific needs and objectives. This is followed by thorough data collection, where we delve into your business's financial records, market position, and operational nuances. Our analysis is comprehensive, considering not just the present state of your business but also its future potential and positioning in the market. The final valuation report is a detailed document that provides a clear and concise valuation, offering insights and explanations for our conclusions.

Use Cases for Business Valuations

Business valuations are indispensable in various scenarios. A valuation can help you set a competitive price if you're selling your business. It offers buyers a clear picture of what you're investing in. Business valuations are also crucial for businesses seeking investment, as they give investors confidence in your business's worth. This includes obtaining SBA Loans and other forms of financing. Additionally, they play a vital role in legal matters such as divorce proceedings and estate planning, ensuring fair and equitable settlements.

Get Started

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A business valuation is essential for several reasons. It provides a clear and objective estimate of the value of your business, which is crucial when you're considering selling your business, planning for retirement, or looking for investors. It's also vital for strategic planning, helping you understand where your business stands in the market and where it can improve. In legal situations, like divorce or estate settlements, a business valuation offers an accurate and fair assessment of the business's worth. Additionally, understanding the value of your business is key for tax planning and compliance, as well as in situations where you might want to take on a new partner or buy out an existing one.