Buying a Business FAQs

You can contact us for assistance. We can help expedite the process, through our "Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement", or by simply acting as a conduit. Many times, buyers will respond to some sort of general listing information posted by the Listing Broker, on a website or in the newspaper. You may then see a one or two-page presentation that provides a minimal amount of specific information. This is used to let buyers know what type & size of business is available without disclosing to the general public financial & proprietary information that any business owner would not want to make common knowledge. Even the fact that a given business is for sale can be extremely detrimental to the business if that information is made available to competitors, vendors, and employees.

After seeing this "blind" profile, a buyer may decide this is something they want to know more about. Contact with the selling or listing broker will then result in some communication via phone, e-mail, fax, or in person. The broker will want to know some more about the buyer to determine if this business, or perhaps some other business, is a good fit. Most brokers will ask for some basic background information to assess your financial and experiential qualifications.

The buyer will also be asked to execute a Confidentiality Agreement, also called a non-disclosure form, before he will be allowed to meet with a seller or see any proprietary information. This information may sometimes include "small" things like the location. With some businesses, knowing what they do, and their location can easily give away their identity. It is (generally) the Broker's job to handle the marketing of the business for the seller, and this includes obtaining the required paperwork to protect the seller's livelihood and interests.

After the Buyer has signed a Confidentiality Agreement, and if the buyer is a fit for the business, the broker will work with the buyer to provide all of the information he needs to make an informed decision on a given business opportunity.