How to Buy a Business at a Great Price

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by Richard Parker

This is a comprehensive program containing over 400 pages of strategies covering the entire buying process.

Course Outline:

  1. Why Buy a Business and What to Consider
    Personal, Financial and Professional considerations you must evaluate.
  2. The Ten Commandments
    A ten-point test that all good businesses must pass.
  3. The Right Business for You
    Key questions and exercises that will help you determine what type of business is right for you.
  4. Timing
    Avoid wasting time! How to navigate your way through the maze in half the time it takes others.
  5. Where to Look
    An examination of all the resources available to use and the best places to find what you're looking for.
  6.  Getting Organized
    properly and staying on the right path.
  7. Business Brokers
    Starting off - a complete overview of how they work. Do you need one? How to hire one that will meet your needs.
  8. Why Every Business is For Sale and How to Approach the Ones that Aren't
    The ideal business may be staring you in the face.
  9. Franchises - Are They For You?
    They're not for everybody; how to find and buy a resale that's already successful.
  10. Working with Professionals
    How to hire the right lawyer and accountant PLUS eleven surefire ways to save a ton on their fees.
  11. Basic Accounting
    A straightforward and concise explanation of all accounting terms and learn how to tear apart and interpret financial statements in one lesson.
  12. The Seller and Their Importance
    They can be your best or your worst enemy. Getting them to agree to your major points.
  13. Focusing on a Target
    How to breakdown business for sale listings and focus your search on ones that make sense for you.
  14. Visiting the Business - The Key Questions to Ask Every Seller
    Preparing for the meetings; every single question you must ask and the answers you should look for.
  15. Gathering Information on the Industry and the Competition
    How to get crucial information directly from competitors and industry experts.
  16. Valuing a Business
    Learn a five-step valuation formula that guarantees you will never pay more than a business is worth.
  17. Negotiating and Making an Offer
    A complete breakdown of every detail to negotiate and the techniques to use for each.
  18. Evaluating Personnel
    Learn how to get full access to them and have them reveal what's really going on in the company.
  19. Financing the Purchase
    A review of all options available to you and a strategy to negotiate great seller financing.
  20. Due Diligence - Investigating the Business
    A 200-point checklist that will clearly teach you how to uncover everything before you buy!
  21. Pulling the Trigger
    Adding it all up and making your decision.
  22. Post Purchase Priorities
    A checklist and plan for your first 90 days after taking over the business.

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