What Does Seller Financing Do For You?

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We list and sell many profitable businesses for All Cash at closing.

This is usually the case for larger businesses, such as the ones in the Merger and Acquisition category, those in a desirable niche market, those that qualify for favorable financing and those sold to a Strategic Buyer.

There are two types of buyers. Financial Buyers are your typical buyers buying a business based on the income it will generate for them. They look at the numbers. Strategic Buyers may already be in the same business looking to expand or may want to be in the business you are in for a variety of reasons. They will generally pay more and usually pay without seller financing. We have a program for identifying and bringing to the table Strategic Buyers.

The program that will be best for you will depend on your priorities, the size, type and profitability of your business.

Samples of Cash Flow benefits to you from Seller Financing (assuming you finance at 10% for 10 years):

Amount Financed Monthly Income Annual Income Cumulative Income
$100,000 $1,322 $15,864 $158,640
$200,000 $2,643 $31,716 $317,160
$300,000 $3,965 $47,580 $475,800
$400,000 $5,286 $63,432 $634,320
$500,000 $6,608 $79,296 $792,960
$600,000 $7,930 $95,160 $951,600
$700,000 $9,252 $111,024 $1,110,240
$800,000 $10,572 $126,864 $1,268,640
$900,000 $11,896 $142,752 $1,427,520
$1,000,000 $13,216 $158,592 $1,585,920

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