Why Use A Professional Business Broker?

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Why use a surgeon?

He knows how to operate, and you would really like to survive the operation!

Why use a certified mechanic?

He knows how to fix your car so that you won't have more problems after it is in the shop than you did when you took it in!

Why use a business broker?

You do not work daily on business transfers, and you would like to keep it that way. You simply want a professional to handle all of the complications for you!

If you have considered selling your business or developing an exit strategy, you need and should have professional help in making your decision!

We have the talent and resources to educate and assist you in determining:

  • If selling is right for you
  • The best time to sell
  • The right price & terms
  • The most effective marketing strategy

If selling is right for you we:

  • Work with you in establishing the best price for your business.
  • Work with you to determine the right time to sell.
  • Prepare a marketing strategy to maximize the value of your business.
  • Professionally market your business.
  • Interview, screen and pre qualify prospective buyers.
  • Negotiate with candidates for you.
  • Provide you with the "best buyer, price and terms".
  • Work with your legal and financial advisors on your behalf.

The potential sale and all communication will be kept strictly confidential!
There are no up front fees, costs or obligation, we are paid when a sale is made.

We specialize in the profitable, confidential transfer of private, closely held businesses with sales from $1,000,000 to $50,000,000.

Ask yourself:

  • How do you reach QUALIFIED BUYERS, possibly even competitors, without disclosing your intention to sell?
  • How do you evaluate your business OBJECTIVELY to ensure that you receive top dollar on your investment and avoid costly negotiating tactics?.
  • How do you PREPARE & PROVIDE the information a prospective buyer will require to interest him in pursuing your business in favor of others?
  • How do you MAXIMIZE your favorable exposure to potential offers while minimizing your potentially damaging public exposure to customers, competitors, employees and suppliers?
  • How do you MARKET your business in all of the appropriate databases and media efficiently, effectively, and confidentially?
  • How do you screen and PRE-QUALIFY BUYERS, determine their motivations, managerial capabilities, and financial strength?
  • How do you SUCCESSFULLY SELL your business, diverting significant time, effort and resources to that process, while continuing to manage your ongoing business productively?

A professional broker will do this and much more for you, so that you can continue to run your business profitably. We have the expertise, tools, and connections to market and sell your business successfully. Simply contact us for a no obligation meeting to discuss all of the questions that you may have.