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Buying or Selling a Florida Business in Fort Lauderdale

If you’re looking to buy a business or sell a business in Fort Lauderdale you need to talk to Richard Zarzecki of Business Planning Advisors, Inc.  Buying or selling a business is a time consuming and complicated process, so it will be in your best interests to have the professional help of a business broker.

Selling A Florida Business

Using a business broker to sell a business allows you remain free to do what you should be doing, which is, running your business.  Keeping the business profitable during the marketing and sale procedures will make selling the business easier for the broker and enable you a receive better price.  Leave the process of marketing, and actually selling, to your business broker.  The broker will then be able to market your business in a quiet and professional manner and begin screening potential buyers.  As they work with the potential buyers the broker will be able to educate them about your business and its selling points.  As things progress your business broker will negotiate the best price, for you, with the buyers.  The broker also acts as a buffer between you and the buyers, insulating you from the stressful highs and lows that can come in any transaction of this nature.

Buying A Florida Business

When you are buying a business going through a business broker has many of the same benefits as when selling.  The broker will have already vetted the business, can quickly educate you on all aspects of the business, help you negotiate a fair price and act as a buffer, saving you from the majority of the stress involved.  The broker will also be able to help answer many questions regarding the purchase such as:  How much is a reasonable amount to put down?  Will the seller be willing to finance?  How long will it take to close a deal? 

There is no way a person not involved in selling businesses on a day to day basis can effectively handle all the details of a sale. Florida Business Broker Richard Zarzecki will help make your purchase as trouble free and profitable as possible.

For more information on selling your business in Fort Lauderdale contact Business Planning Advisors today!