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Considering Selling Your Business in Delray Beach, Florida?

At Business Planning Advisors, we stand as a distinguished business brokerage firm serving Delray Beach and Palm Beach County, Florida. Adept at guiding business owners through the complex journey of selling their business. With a tailored approach, we offer professional, confidential valuation, marketing, and sales services designed to connect you with the ideal buyer, ensuring you secure the optimal price under the best possible terms.

Our network is rich with pre-qualified buyers actively seeking new business opportunities just like your business.

Our lead business broker, Richard Zarzecki, has over three decades of experience in business management. His entrepreneurial ventures, which have generated substantial revenues, give him unique insights into the business world, fostering a deeper connection with both buyers and sellers.

Richard's background as a seasoned CPA is invaluable, providing a profound understanding of the financial intricacies underpinning your business's true value—a value reflective of the marketplace and the actual investment potential.

We are committed to discretion and confidentiality at every turn of the sale process. Our promise to you:

  • There are no initial fees or obligations; our compensation aligns with your success.
  • Business valuation to ascertain the most advantageous market price.
  • Strategic timing to position your business optimally in the market.
  • Development and implementation of a robust marketing plan to highlight your business's value.
  • A thorough vetting process for potential buyers.
  • Skillful negotiation to deliver you the best sale terms.
  • Coordination with your legal and financial counsel to ensure a seamless transaction.

Choose Delray Beach business broker Business Planning Advisors for a partnership that prioritizes your business's value and your personal goals.

Call Business Planning Advisors today at 772-285-0459 for a Free consultation to discuss selling your Delray Beach business.

Buying a Business in Delray Beach, Florida

For those aspiring to buy a business in Delray Beach, navigating the acquisition process is significantly smoother with a knowledgeable local broker by your side. Business Planning Advisors is equipped to aid you in finding a business that not only meets your purchasing criteria but does so efficiently and professionally.

With our extensive experience in business ownership and a deep foundation in accounting and finance, we are uniquely positioned to facilitate your entry into business ownership. Our services include securing access to sensitive business information and informing you about your potential investment.

Contact Business Planning Advisors at 772-285-0459 for a complimentary discussion on how we can assist in your search for the perfect business acquisition. Your journey towards a successful business transition begins with a call.

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